Make a commitment to yourself with a 4- or 12-week fitness and nutrition programme!

Fully tailored to your individual goals, with realistic expectations that works for your lifestyle. 

You will get ongoing support from your dedicated Personal Trainer and nutrition advisor to keep you on track. 

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4 week fitness and nutrition plan

​All plan features are individually tailored to your personal goals and lifestyle

  • Goal setting: Realistic and achievable goals you will stick with

  • 2-4 workout sessions plans/week to fit with your time commitment

  • Weekly meal plan based on dietary requirements, current and ideal weight

  • Ongoing support on WhatsApp or Zoom from your Personal Trainer

  • Bonus add-on: 3 complimentary hiit classes - worth £24

  • Purchase programme today to save £55

Usually £135

now £80

Invest £20/week


12 week fitness and nutrition plan

Make a real investment in achieving your health and fitness goals!

  • Set goals and milestones to shape new, healthier behaviour 

  • 2-4 workout sessions plans/week with ongoing progressions built in 

  • Dietary requirements, weight and activity goals built into weekly meal plans

  • Ongoing support on WhatsApp or Zoom from your Personal Trainer

  • Bonus add-on: 12 complimentary hiit classes (1 per week) - worth £96

  • Purchase programme today to save £74

Usually £299, 

 now £225

Invest only £18/week


“I'm halfway through my

12-week programme and I

feel much stronger already!”

— Claire, 42